Things to Do Before and After an Abdominoplasty

Image Source: Pexels

An abdominoplasty is something that you can do to reduce a significant amount of girth and weight from your midsection and is a procedure that is very common among mothers who cannot seem to get off their baby weight even with time. If you have super stubborn belly fat that doesn’t seem to get scared off easy and is even resisting the right diets and your workout regime, you should probably think about having an abdominoplasty. The results that have been indicated with this surgery is stunning. But at the same time you should also understand that the surgery in itself is something that you need to prepare for. Then you should also look after yourself during your recovery period and here is how.

Eat Right both Before And After

Surgery can fix up a lot of things but that does not mean that you should be eating burgers and pizzas every day for breakfast. Eating right is really important if you want to enjoy great results and for the rest of your life. Do not go ballistic and binge on sugary food and unhealthy fatty food thinking that this procedure is your excuse to just eat anything and everything you wanted in one week. Get yourself on a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, unprocessed meats, fresh fish, eggs, dairy products and nuts before your procedure. Please do not unnecessarily diet before your procedure and do not take any medication and supplements that will act as blood thinners before your procedure.

Take Your Anti-Infection Shower

This will be advised in any hospital or clinic where you are undergoing your procedure. It is recommended that before you get your tummy tucks you should take a bath with chlorhexidine solution that can help to greatly reduce any bacteria on your skin that could potentially cause an infection. No matter what procedure you are going through always try to take this anti-infection bath so that you cannot worry about catching a skin infection later.

Image Source: Pexels

Take a Stool Softening Medication

Constipation is a very common condition that happens after your procedure. This is mostly due to the anaesthesia (if you were put under completely) and the pain medication that will be prescribed to you. It is possible for you to take a stool softener before the procedure and you can even ask your doctor to prescribe one for you if they can. You should also think about using this until you are completed with your medication so that you can have a bowel movement daily without getting all backed up.

Think about Taking Time off From Work

The majority of patients that undergo this procedure can return to work after one week but sometimes, it would take more than that to recover. Usually, doctors will advise you to wait for two weeks before you go to work again and it also has a lot to do with travelling and the kind of work that you do. If there is any way that you could possibly work from home during that second week that would really come in handy.