Top 10 teenager 80s hairstyles Trends

teenager 80s hairstyles

Fashion trends of the 1980s were at their peak. From colorful and unconventional clothing to wild hairstyles, nothing was off limits. Fashion in the 1980s switched around a lot and got funky towards the end of the decade. Contrasting the first half of the decade with the second half, when more colors began to stand out, contrast increased and much brighter clothing styles started gaining popularity.

At the end of the day, something as simple as your hairdo can determine how you want to look. If you want to go for a cool, laid-back look, then opt for a subtle style like bobs. But if you’re up for being loud and colorful, then buzz off on those mohawks and pick an outrageous bohemian style instead When it comes to teenager 80s hairstyles, they were generally curly, big and heavily styled. The excess was a huge fashion influence at that time.

If you are from the ’80’s, you’ve lived in that era and understand it well. However, if you’re an 80’s young adult who wants to look back on the fashion styles of your era, you’ve come to the right place. Here I have mentioned some of the most common & trendy teenager 80s hairstyles.

Common teenager 80s hairstyles containing Long Hair

Naturally, long hair has been in fashion forever. Long hair never goes out of fashion, at least according to the experts. Trends come and go but this doesn’t always mean that trends end or stop short-lived ones will end their reign as well. Some popular hairstyles that have long hair throughout the 80s era include:

Some Of The Common long hair 80s hairstyles

In the 1980s, a lot of different styles of hairstyles were common. Some of them are still trendy today. Here are some of the most common and trendy 80s hair styles that you can try today. I also gave you some instructions on how to make them.

Crimpled Hairstyle

People have been crimpling their hair since the 1980s, and their trends have only continued to grow. The style is still trendy today and gives people a unique look. That’s why girls love to crimple their hair – it lasts forever! So, crimpled hair has been one of the best hairstyles of the 80s

Braided Hairstyle

80s hairstyles like the half braided updo are back and surprisingly still trendy bangs in 2019. Hooking up those popular looks is made easier than ever thanks to AI database of 80s & 90s looks used for millions of celebrities. Bring the front of your hair back towards the top of your head, then make a french braid at the top. Finish this with a side braid that goes to just past your ear.


Many people discovered how to make crafts and sewing a popular hobby in the 1980s, which is a trend that has been around for centuries. As the craze progressed, many products were released such as hair accessories that now make your hairdo look stylish! Now there are a number of small and large-sized bandanas for your hair. You can use them to wrap up your hair in styles that look good with short or long locks.


In long hair 80s hairstyles, women and young girls favored the mullet hairstyle. This type of hair is not as popular today but was quite different to the many hairstyles that were around back then. The mullet hairstyle is known for having a long and voluminous top while the bottom remains short and has a geometric shape. Although it no longer strikes the fancy of many, it was quite popular in the 80s, especially during sporting events.

Hair Like Feather

Academic hairstyles were typically tough to style back in the 1980s. These were one of the easiest easy 80’s hairstyles. Because of this, many women found it challenging to meet the needs of work life without compromising on what they wanted. Nowadays, many people still love feathered hairstyles because they provide a nice elegant look and are popular among celebrities as well as everyday folk. We all agree that she used to give such a dazzling appearance with hair experimentation. Women often try different hairstyles and the corresponding hairstyle makes it easier. The feathered hairstyle is incredibly popular right now.

Long hair containing Front Bangs

In the 1980s and 1990s, it became very popular to have long hair with bangs. It Symbolizes teenager 80s hairstyles. It makes you look younger and can be done in a variety of colors & hairstyles. If you are a girl, chances are that you have or thought about having this style in the past as well!

Short Hair Containing Bangs

As the trend for short hair grown with bangs has been prevalent for a while, these babies are great eye candy and give any hairstyle a refreshing update. Whether you’re looking to start fresh or want to try something new, this is definitely the style for you! This represents 80’s hairstyles female

Flower in Hair

Hairstyling can be enhanced by using different hair accessories. 80’s hairstyles female include hair bands, hair pins, bandanas, pearls, & flowers. Using flowers as a hair style is both attractive and fun. It’s especially easy to do if you choose to go for something timeless like 1980s-style flowers. If you want to carry yourself with an old-fashioned elegance, then this is definitely the hair style for you!

Hair that are Curly

Curls have been around for quite some time, even though they don’t seem to follow any particular trend these days. This is partially because curl sizes vary across different eras, and also because 80’s hairstyles female hair was a smaller curl size than in other eras. In the 1980s, long hair with large curls was a popular look for many women. Over time, our tastes changed and now girls often use a curly hairstyle that is smaller in size.

Messy Long hair 80s hairstyles

Long, crimped hair on men never goes out of fashion. It was popular in the 60s, 70s, and 80s too. Some people are even trying to copy the styles they could remember when they tried it out. If you have long hair, just make a side partition of your hair and make them a little messy. This go-to hairstyle is the perfect solution for everyday.